Privacy Policy

Our website gives priority in respecting the privacy of those who use and visit us online. We implement our Privacy Policy because we value the importance of protecting any shared data from us. This guideline will manage the collected data or information from the visitors and we use them for clarification or evaluation.

Right before we allow people to view the content from our site, they need to read this guideline and follow what is right during their visit. We strictly implement our guidelines and we do not allow people who have no intention to follow them.

Gathered Information

Before we allow our users and visitors to proceed using our site, we have some important data or information to collect, which may include their home addresses, legal names, valid emails and age. It is very important to know that if there are individuals who refuse to submit the information we need, they can leave the site freely.

Allocation of Data

The necessary information or data we collect are safety once we handle them. On the other hand, it is our obligation to share the information to our valid partners and legal government firms if they request with specified rule. Although we provide the data, they only need to use them in resolving the exact problem If the existing agreement permits us to share details to certain individuals, we do not hesitate but must understand the condition.

Checking of Cookies or Internet Beacons

We follow the rule when it comes to checking web beacons or cookies because this is important when using our website. Regarding the imposed guidelines when determining cookies, we also respect the governing rule of the EU region for our visiting people here. When we talk about the necessary details that we need to check from the cookies, we evaluate the Operating System and exact browser. We must collect these mentioned data because we need to check the number of visitors and users who are visiting our web site regularly. The information we collect likewise can help us improve our available services and in keeping us visible on the Internet with great reputation.

Modifying the Privacy Rule

A decision to change our implemented Privacy Policy will be under our control and so we can do the process anytime. This means we do not need any consent once we made a decision to remove or alter information from this policy.